Classic Purple Wedding in Old Town Rock Hill – {Alex & Corbett}

I absolutely adore Alex and Corbett! When I met Alex we immediately clicked and have become fast friends. Her wedding day was so special. Alex is not a cryer at all and told me she wouldn’t cry over and over and she got up there to say her vows and shed some tears! I love moments like that! Their wedding was just classy and simple and beautiful. Hope you enjoy these memories from Alex and Corbett’s big day. 🙂


SSP_6172_stomped SSP_6178_stomped SSP_6187_stompedSSP_6212_stomped SSP_6221_stomped SSP_6238_stomped SSP_6248_stomped SSP_6252_stomped SSP_6286_stomped SSP_6307_stomped SSP_6335_stomped SSP_6340_stomped SSP_6347_stomped SSP_6349_stomped SSP_6357_stomped SSP_6365_stomped SSP_6371_stomped SSP_6382_stomped SSP_6405_stomped SSP_6431_stomped SSP_6437_stomped SSP_6450_stomped SSP_6480_stomped SSP_6485_stomped SSP_6494_stomped SSP_6499_stomped SSP_6500_stomped SSP_6504_stomped SSP_6508_stomped SSP_6513_stomped SSP_6524_stomped SSP_6528_stomped SSP_6546_stomped SSP_6569_stomped SSP_6568_stomped SSP_6579_stomped IMG_0434_stomped SSP_6609_stomped IMG_0442_stomped SSP_6628_stomped SSP_6631_stomped SSP_6637_stomped SSP_6645_stomped SSP_6665_stomped SSP_6667_stomped SSP_6681_stomped SSP_6690_stomped SSP_6700_stomped SSP_6697_stomped SSP_6702_stomped SSP_6721_stomped SSP_6711_stomped SSP_6727_stomped SSP_6729_stomped SSP_6734_stomped SSP_6736_stomped

SSP_6753_stompedSSP_6748_stompedIMG_0337_stompedIMG_0331_stompedSSP_6767_stompedSSP_6819_stompedSSP_6825_stompedSSP_6830_stompedSSP_6836_stompedSSP_6850_stomped SSP_6904_stomped SSP_6906_stomped SSP_6914_stomped SSP_6920_stomped SSP_6922_stomped SSP_6929_stomped SSP_6890_stomped IMG_0392_stomped IMG_0396_stompedIMG_0410_stomped SSP_6935_stomped SSP_6948_stomped SSP_6950_stomped SSP_6952_stomped SSP_6956_stomped SSP_6957_stomped SSP_6960_stomped SSP_6961_stomped SSP_6975_stomped SSP_6980_stomped SSP_6983_stomped IMG_0384_stomped IMG_0388_stomped IMG_0514_stomped IMG_0486_stomped IMG_0446_stomped

Makeup: Meridith Burgess
Church: Epiphany Lutheran
Reception Venue: Getty’s Art Center
Flowers & Coordination: Jane’s Creative Designs
Cake: Cousin Amanda
Catering: Fort Mill BBQ Company

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