Bridal Portraits in a Cotton Field | York, SC Wedding Photographer

I can’t say anything else but oh my goodness gracious. I have wanted to shoot in a cotton field for so long and Emily found me one that hadn’t been cut! This girl is stunning and absolutely cannot take a bad photo! Her dress fit her personality perfectly and I am LOVING how these turned out! This is my favorite shoot from 2014!

SSP_6886_stomped SSP_6890_stomped SSP_6913_stomped SSP_6943_stomped SSP_6951_stomped SSP_6963_stomped SSP_6959_stomped SSP_6972_stomped SSP_6976_stomped SSP_6986_stomped SSP_7004_stomped SSP_7008_stomped SSP_7021_stomped SSP_7023_stomped SSP_7026_stomped SSP_7030_stomped SSP_7028_stomped SSP_7036_stomped SSP_7037_stomped SSP_7043_stomped SSP_7038_stomped SSP_7050_stomped SSP_7046_stomped SSP_7059_stomped SSP_7049_stomped SSP_7048_stomped SSP_7054_stomped SSP_7060_stomped SSP_7062_stomped SSP_7072_stomped SSP_7079_stomped SSP_7084_stomped SSP_7091_stomped SSP_7094_stomped SSP_7081_stomped

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