Clover, SC Wedding Photographer – Alyssia & Dustin {Happily Ever After}

Alyssia and Dustin got hitched this past weekend at a sweet little church in Clover and then headed out to party at the Larne building downtown! I had such a fun time capturing their special day. Their wedding style and details really captured their personalities! Alyssia decorated her reception with cute antiques from a local shop and signs from Hobby Lobby, as well as made all her bouquets and the flower girl dresses! And of course the vintage bug made an appearance! Hope you enjoy ❤

Dresses: Bedazzled Bridal and Formal
Reception Decor: Katy-Did Antiques in Gastonia 
Reception Venue: The Larne Building
DJ: Ray Ray Karaoke & DJ
Cake: Sweet Serendipity
Hair: Ashlee Osborne
Makeup: Melissa Kuhn

2014-05-05_0029.jpg2014-05-05_0030.jpg2014-05-05_0036.jpg2014-05-05_0047.jpg2014-05-05_0046.jpg2014-05-05_0032.jpg2014-05-05_0031.jpg2014-05-05_0033.jpg2014-05-05_0034.jpg2014-05-05_0035.jpg2014-05-05_0038.jpg2014-05-05_0037.jpg2014-05-05_0039.jpg2014-05-05_0040.jpg2014-05-05_0058.jpg2014-05-05_0059.jpg2014-05-05_0060.jpg 2014-05-05_0070.jpg 2014-05-05_0069.jpg 2014-05-05_0068.jpg 2014-05-05_0067.jpg 2014-05-05_0066.jpg 2014-05-05_0065.jpg 2014-05-05_0064.jpg 2014-05-05_0063.jpg 2014-05-05_0062.jpg 2014-05-05_0061.jpg2014-05-05_0071.jpg2014-05-05_0074.jpg2014-05-05_0072.jpg2014-05-05_0041.jpg 2014-05-05_0045.jpg 2014-05-05_0044.jpg 2014-05-05_0043.jpg 2014-05-05_0042.jpg2014-05-05_0048.jpg2014-05-05_0049.jpg2014-05-05_0050.jpg2014-05-05_0051.jpg2014-05-05_0052.jpg 2014-05-05_0053.jpg2014-05-05_00762014-05-05_00772014-05-05_00782014-05-05_00792014-05-05_00802014-05-05_00822014-05-05_00812014-05-05_00832014-05-05_00842014-05-05_00862014-05-05_00882014-05-05_00852014-05-05_00902014-05-05_00912014-05-05_0092 2014-05-05_0093 2014-05-05_0094 2014-05-05_0095 2014-05-05_0096 2014-05-05_0097 2014-05-05_0098 2014-05-05_0099 2014-05-05_0100 2014-05-05_0101 2014-05-05_0102 2014-05-05_0103

Stay tuned. ❤


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